Our Wedding Day so special and easy !

Noosa VIP Limousines Wedding Dear Glenda & Steve 

Thank you so much for your professionalism and efficiency in organising transport for our bridal party on our wedding day.

We loved the limo and the fantastic service you provided.  Thanks also for your advice on photography locations around Noosa.

Thanks for our special day so easy !

love Carolyn & Troy

6 Tips For Helping Your Travel Plans Run Smoothly

Here is 6 Tips for making your holiday travel fun with NO stress.

Noosa Stretch LimousineLimousines are an ideal way to travel to and from the airport … we at Noosa VIP Limousines make sure that your travel is Stress-Free, especially after a long flight. When you just want to get to your Accommodation, it’s a relief to know your Service is Door to Door.

Here are some tips …

1Book your limousine when you book your Flights and Accommodation. This will ensure there is no stress closer to the time when finding the vehicle you require may be more difficult.

2. Make sure you book a vehicle that will take all your luggage. So often there is a lot more luggage than what you anticipate, so allow for everyone to pack just that little bit more.

3. Our Chauffeurs will be waiting either at the Luggage Claim if you are travelling Domestic to Sunshine Coast Maroochydore Airport or Brisbane Airport or if you are flying International, your Chauffeur will be waiting as you come through from Customs … they will be dressed in Navy Suits with Chauffeur Caps and a sign with your name on it … and they will have a trolley ready to help you with your luggage.

4. Remember to book your Children’s Car Seat requirements – this is extremely important. Noosa VIP Limousines provides Rear Facing Baby Seats / Baby Child Seats & Boosters Complimentary to make sure your little ones are Safe and Comfortable.

5. If you need to pick up Keys, have this arranged and let us know so we can allow the extra time in your booking to avoid the stress of rushing.

6.  If you are booking the Stretch Limousine you are welcome to bring along your child’s favourite DVD – this will keep your children amused so you can sit back and enjoy the comfort our Stretch Limousine provides.

Our aim is to give you a Stress-free transport service to and from the airport to start or complete your holiday the right way.

Stretch and Sedan Limousines are available at very affordable and comparable costs.

Our Limousines and Chauffeurs are Immaculate with late model cars and your comfort is guaranteed.

Please feel free to check out our Prices at Noosa VIP Limousines.

Sedan and ChauffeurHave a wonderful trip!

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4 of the Worlds Craziest Limousines

Fastest limo in the worldThe Fastest Limousine in the World! –  The Ferrari stretch limousine is 23 feet long and has a 400bhp engine and super cool “gull-wing” doors. Despite it being a limo it can still achieve 0-60mph in less than six seconds and has a claimed top speed of 170mph and is in fact “Guinness World Record” holder for the fastest limo in the world!

Boeing limoThis is a Mexican limousine company that literally changed a Boeing 727 jet plane into a luxurious limousine! 100% road legal and truly amazing.

Tank Limo

The Tank Limo is as overkill as it is possible to get, it might well be white,  a stylish leather green interior complete  with a cocktail bar and Jacuzzi, but it’s still a TANK! At least you won’t have a problem with doormen getting in the way.

The Luxury World of Grand Prix When it comes to limousine comfort is very important. But you can forget simple things like that with this simply incredible F1 car limo! It may not be a limo in the classic sense of the word but who cares when it is still capable of doing 300MPH!

OK, so we don’t have those here in Noosa but Noosa VIP Limousines can give you a truly memorable Limousine experience for your Wedding, Formal, Airport Transfer or just a special touch to a night out.

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5 Fun Facts You Don’t Know About Limousines

Wow … thanks for the info and facts we’ve been given. Noosa Stretch Limos

Limousines are a great way to add a sense of class and style to any event. While you’re riding in a luxury transportation service, you’re often too swept up by the atmosphere to think about the fun facts surrounding this elegant form of transport. Here are five fun facts to wow your guests the next time you ride in a limousine.

1. Etymology
Limousine actually comes from the French word, Limousin, which is an area in France. If we trace it back even further, this word originally was an adjective for the people who lived there, from the Latin word, Lemovices. Apparently, the car gained its name due to the type of hood worn by the Lemovices people since the profile of a limo shares a vague visual resemblance.

2. Link to Airports
Nowadays, a limousine is associated with class, or with big events for Wedding day travel or formals. However, limos were also used in airport transportation, taking large groups of people to and from airports in 1959, despite its regal reputation since the 1930s.

3. Stretching into Business
Before the 1920s, a limousine was just a luxury car that was driven by a chauffeur. The long stretch limos we know today weren’t actually built until 1923 and became hugely popular with bands that needed to carry a lot of cargo and people, proving stretch limos aren’t just for Formals and Weddings. On top of that, stretch limos are the second most popular vehicle requested by business clients.

4. How Long are Talking?
The longest limousine was built in 1997 and was almost 100 feet long. A whopping 26 wheels divided the vehicle into three sizable chunks and could split in half to change direction.

5. A ‘Hot’ Commodity
Back in the 1930s, air conditioning was a rarity in every car and viewed as a luxury addition only the wealthy could afford. Thusly, the necessary air conditioning in a limo was seen as a lavish item, costing thousands of dollars more in today’s conversion rate.

Before you slide into the next limo for you, memorize these five fun facts to wow your guests while you ride in class and elegance to your next event (or corporate meeting).