Who’s Booking the Wedding Transport? Grooms’ Tips

When it comes to Wedding Transport, there are many options …. here are a few things for you as a Groom to consider.

Limousine for your wedding

  1. How many people are in your Bridal Party determines how your Wedding transport will flow on the day. Firstly, you will need to consider whether you are going away for Photos, and if the answer is yes, you will need to be able to accommodate all your Bridal Party … this is where a Stretch Limousine is ideal as you can all fit in.
  2.  Groom’s Party Transfers – generally we would take the Groom’s Party to the Ceremony location first, then return for the Bridal Party … this time will allow for the Photographer to obtain some great shots of the Groom’s party and a chance to greet your guests before your beautiful Bride arrives. You definitely don’t want wetness under your arms from walking to your ceremony location, even through it might be just a short distance as this makes for a very uncomfortable and embarrassing start to the day. Our Chauffeurs will ensure you also have the most important items of the day – the rings!
  3. Bridal Party for which our Stretch Limousine has the extended Bridal door so there is no issue with whatever size dress the Bride decides on.  Our Chauffeurs will make sure all your Bridal Party arrives to the Groom safely and on time.
  4. Comfort is a must to consider. If you are in an area that requires air conditioning, then you are definitely going to want this on your Wedding Day. Even though the thought of a convertible may seem appealing, if it is raining or the wind is blowing, just think about how much you have just spent on your Bridal Party’s hair and makeup.
  5. Inclusions are all Complimentary with Noosa VIP Limousines – for example, Red Carpet for your Brides arrival ~ Tulle & Flowers ~ Ribbons to match your Wedding colour theme ~ Champagne ~ Chauffeurs in Navy suits and matching Chauffeur Caps.

We are Multi-Award Winning and pride ourselves on

~ Value for Money ~ Excellence in Client Service ~ Quality of transport ~

We service all Sunshine Coast Wedding Locations including Noosa, Hinterland venues, Wedding photo locations and Chapels.

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Noosa Stretch Limo

6 Tips For Helping Your Travel Plans Run Smoothly

Here is 6 Tips for making your holiday travel fun with NO stress.

Noosa Stretch LimousineLimousines are an ideal way to travel to and from the airport … we at Noosa VIP Limousines make sure that your travel is Stress-Free, especially after a long flight. When you just want to get to your Accommodation, it’s a relief to know your Service is Door to Door.

Here are some tips …

1Book your limousine when you book your Flights and Accommodation. This will ensure there is no stress closer to the time when finding the vehicle you require may be more difficult.

2. Make sure you book a vehicle that will take all your luggage. So often there is a lot more luggage than what you anticipate, so allow for everyone to pack just that little bit more.

3. Our Chauffeurs will be waiting either at the Luggage Claim if you are travelling Domestic to Sunshine Coast Maroochydore Airport or Brisbane Airport or if you are flying International, your Chauffeur will be waiting as you come through from Customs … they will be dressed in Navy Suits with Chauffeur Caps and a sign with your name on it … and they will have a trolley ready to help you with your luggage.

4. Remember to book your Children’s Car Seat requirements – this is extremely important. Noosa VIP Limousines provides Rear Facing Baby Seats / Baby Child Seats & Boosters Complimentary to make sure your little ones are Safe and Comfortable.

5. If you need to pick up Keys, have this arranged and let us know so we can allow the extra time in your booking to avoid the stress of rushing.

6.  If you are booking the Stretch Limousine you are welcome to bring along your child’s favourite DVD – this will keep your children amused so you can sit back and enjoy the comfort our Stretch Limousine provides.

Our aim is to give you a Stress-free transport service to and from the airport to start or complete your holiday the right way.

Stretch and Sedan Limousines are available at very affordable and comparable costs.

Our Limousines and Chauffeurs are Immaculate with late model cars and your comfort is guaranteed.

Please feel free to check out our Prices at Noosa VIP Limousines.

Sedan and ChauffeurHave a wonderful trip!

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